The Normatec Pulse – what is it??

The short answer – Normatec uses compressed air to massage tissue and mobilize fluid thereby speeding up and enhancing recovery and rehab.

Who uses it?

Well, everyone.  Obviously, athletes – if you stress your body, repeatedly, enhanced recovery is important to remain injury free and improve performance.  

But, even if you exercise to stay fit and healthy, proper recovery can be compromised by our normal daily activities.  Sitting and standing all day will impair your  blood and fluid flow.  If the natural flow and drainage is slow or compromised due to gravity and/or occlusion due to sitting,  all the nutrients and oxygen going into the muscles and removal of toxins from the muscles will be sub-optimal and therefore slow the recovery process and get in the way of your gains.

Training intensely is the only way to see results, but improving your recovery will go a long way to helping your body absorb that training.

If you would like to read more – https://www.normatecrecovery.com

Give it a try – it feels amazing!  Follow the steps below to sign up. 

Click “schedule a class“, sign in and then click “retail“, click on the drop down tab for “Services“, pick your plan and then schedule your session on the calendar!