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Mark’s Daily Workout 9/13/18

Simple and Sinister

44kg KB 10 reps on 30 seconds for 5 minutes followed by 1 minute of rest and 1 Get up OTM for 10 minutes.

I was tired today and I had to take breaks in the get ups.  Goes to show – this is a tough program when at the limit…. Really gaining affinity with this program.

Mark’s Daily Workout 9/11/18

Took a moment to reflect on a tragic day.

Training then involved –

Strict pullups 9 reps followed by 65 reps of KB Snatches on 8 minutes

Repeat sequence for 4 rounds.

Enjoying this combo as a way to improve for 5 minute snatch test and keep my pullups strong – goal is to increase 1 rep for pullups and 5 reps per week in snatch until competition.

Mark’s Daily Workout 9/10/18

Presses and Step Back Lunges

32kg press 5 reps each arm

40 kg Step Back Lunge in rack position 6 reps each leg

repeated on 5 minutes for 6 rounds

What is still amazing to me is how what seems like not a lot of training will get you blowing.  One of my favorite combinations for all around training.

Mark’s Daily Workout 9/8/18


Down in Fort Lauderdale for the weekend and found this great gym which has the top floor open to the elements.  Everything is wet and rusted – my kind of place!!  It is called “The Gym” – look it up if you are there.

7 sets of 3 reps with 405lbs on 3 minutes – big day!

Mark’s Daily Workout 9/6/18

Simple and Sinister preparation –  testing to see where I am….

44kg Bell 10 reps every 30 seconds for 5 minutes – rest 1 minute and then 1 get up OTM for 10 minutes.

Managed well but definitely challenged – the key to the program is to not have the swings take the snot out of you.  So focus will be to strengthen the swings.

Mark’s Daily Workout 9/4/18

Pullups and Snatches

9 pullups (dead hang to clavicle) rest 1 minute, follow with

60 reps 20 kg KB Snatch

rest 4 minutes.

Repeat for 5 rounds

Each week I will add 5-10 reps to the Snatches until the Tactical Strength Challenge.

Mark’s Daily Workout 8/29/18

Sinister Practice today

5-6 1 arm swings every 30 s for 11 minutes with 48kg

Get ups to kneeling OTM for 10 minutes with 48kg

For the get ups, I had to break down and buy a 44kg – the jump to the 48 makes me anxious and I feel like I’m progressing slower than if I had the smaller bell to work on……