As One Spotlight, Cliff

As One Spotlight, Cliff

As One Spotlight, Cliff

How did you find as one?

Hilariously enough about a month before I met my fiancée, another girl I was dating introduced me to the class.  Fortunately for me she (the other girl) doesn’t come anymore

What do you like best about the program/as one?
That is a tough question… I like a lot of things and what I like changes over time and with my mood.  When I need motivation, I like the group setting.  When I want a challenge, I like how intense it is.  I also like how safe it is which is really important in the long term.

What are your fitness goals?
I want all the physiological benefits of good fitness (lower risk of disease, higher intelligence, slower aging, kinder/ more patient disposition).   

What is your favorite thing to eat after class?
Hahah… meat.. any kind will do last night was brisket the night before meatballs  they are awesome.   

What is your guilty food pleasure?

I ate some sugar cookies and Hershey’s kisses during Christmas… soooo good!

If you could have one celebrity join you in class, who would it be, and do you think they could handle it?

Abraham Lincoln… (was living required?).  Most people don’t think about him this way but his contemporaries thought he was hilarious to be around and unbelievably strong.  I think he’d fit in great… plus who wouldn’t want to meet Lincoln!  O, and I strongly suspect he’d be very good at it.

Give me one word to describe the burpee.



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