Philosophies Behind the Creation of As One

Philosophies Behind the Creation of As One

We have discussed with many of you the philosophies behind the creation of As One and we would like to outline some of the philosophies for you to ponder.

One way to think of the body and how it changes is to think of thresholds. When the body becomes sick the virus/bacteria have to take over enough to challenge the functions of the body, it has to cross a threshold that does not allow the body to continue to operate at normal capacity. Likewise, this happens when trying to illicit positive changes. In order for your body to “change”, whatever the goal or change is, there must be sufficient stimulus to cross a threshold in order for adaptation to take place. In training/weight loss/performance we call that stimulus “intensity”. You must work at appropriate levels of intensity in order to stimulate an adaptive response, or cross the threshold. And, much to the chagrin of some of you, that intensity changes and demands greater input as you adapt and become more fit. Your perceived exertion will remain the same, it will always be hard, but your output must increase. So riding at 150 watts on the AirDyne for your minute intervals is sufficient to cross this threshold at the beginning but over time you will have to increase in order to continually stimulate and improve your metabolism.

It is not easy, and you will have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, but you will be stronger, faster, and have greater work capacity than ever before by utilizing your will power to reach those new levels.

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