Staying On Top Of It!

Staying On Top Of It!

“Staying On Top Of It!”

Keeping yourself on track can be as simple as asking some basic questions daily with regard to your fitness goals and plans. What you are trying to do is create a checklist that will keep you on track.

1. Does my weekly fitness plan match my fitness/training goals?

If you are trying to train for a 1 mile open water swim and all you are doing is running that is not a match! Likewise, if you are trying to improve your muscular endurance and create a metabolic shift to help manage weight loss but you only go to a yoga class three times a week that will not do. Have your goals and plans match!

2. What did I do today/yesterday that was in align with my goals?

If you are trying to up your intensity in your training sessions and decide to bail on training to go to dinner and then eat and drink to your merry content – guess what – that doesn’t work.

3. Overall, are my lifestyle choices the correct ones to foster a comprehensive, healthy lifestyle?

Do I get enough sleep, eat right (we all know what that means!), exercise regularly and with appropriate levels of intensity, and manage the stressors of life, or do you skimp on sleep, grab a calzone, train inconsistently and let your life direct you not you direct your life?

These simple questions can at the least make you aware of the choices you’re making (provided you answer them honestly!) and help to keep you on track!

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