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Talk with Kaylee…..

Talk with Kaylee…..

Kaylee’s class:

It happens to even the most die-hard fitness devotees: It’s easy to commit to end-of-day workouts at the beginning of the week, but once Wednesday evening rolls around, it’s often easier to say yes to happy hour instead!

“Typically Wednesday nights at As 1 were a lighter turn out, till Kaylee started teaching them,” says GEORGE/MARK/TKTITLE OF AS1. The Minnesota native is known for her playlists, which help get you in the mood — for an ass-whooping workout! Keeping up her reputation, on a beautiful spring evening this week’s class was at max capacity.

“I love these workouts because they never get easy,” she says. “Personally, I think the beat of rap really helps get you moving. Right now I’m loving “Turn Down for What” [by DJ Snake & Lil John], but I’m always ready for country, too, which I get isn’t a typical combination!” The former college hockey player thinks music is the best instigator for a good workout, “It’s super important. I think the wrong music can kill a workout even if you’re super pumped that day.”

True to her hockey-playing roots, the shorter the circuit, the happier she is. “Those endurance things still kick my ass. Growing up training was 40 seconds and then you’re done.” No wonder her least favorite element at the gym is the Air Dyne bike. And with her training, of course she says squats are one of her favorite exercises! If she had to pick a cardio machine, “it’d be the Jacob’s Ladder, because you really do have to stay in the zone and focused.”

This week, it was alternating 4-minute cardio circuits (stepper, Air Dyne, Jacob’s Ladder) with a series of 25-second intervals of burpees, push ups, jump squats, dead lifts….and others you try to forget about while you’re in the middle of it! Repeat five times and get ready for the burn the day after!

What about workout necessities, apart from a great playlist? “Nothing beats water. Sometimes I’ll throw in a flavor packet but basic water is my go-to. But I’m careful not to drink too much during a workout because of all the sloshing around!”

That Nagging Back Pain!

That Nagging Back Pain!

Nagging Back Pain – If you feel that tightness in the low back, or an acute discomfort on one side, your issue may not be your back but your hips.

Think of it like this – when doing movements like walking, running, sitting, and performing exercises like squats or deadlifts, we want the spine and your hips to work together and your legs(femur) to operate separately.

But, if the hip musculature (hip flexors, deep rotators, piriformis, adductors, hamstrings, etc.) is tight the legs will drag the hips along for the ride. When the hips have to “give”, that strong connection with the spine diminishes, creating an unstable sensation in the body. The body does not like instability, so it will increase the work to the low back musculature to try and re-establish stability. When any muscle is asked to continuously work harder than it needs, it will let you know by setting off your pain receptors.

So, really what is creating that nagging pain is over worked low back musculature created by tight hip musculature. Loosen up the tight muscles, take the pressure of the low back muscles and that nagging discomfort should go away!

Try these five stretches, regularly! You will need to be consistent with the movements to override what has already been established. One time will not cut it!

Give these a shot, any questions – drop me a line or see me in class.

Note: if the problem intensifies after the stretches something else may be going on so let me know and I can help advise.

20140318_122944_resizedHip Flexor Stretch: Tuck Pelvis Under: Lift Chest, straighten spine.

20140318_122958_resizedGlute Stretch:  Sit tall with spine straight, pull knee to opposite chest.

20140318_123234_resized20140318_123052_resizedHamstring stretch (start): Hamstring stretch (finish):  Lay body flat, keep hips on ground. Extend leg, keep hip on ground.

20140318_123125_resizedGroin Stretch: Sit into hip, keep opposite leg straight.

IMG_20140319_082725_882IMG_20140319_082818_962Open/Close Book (low back/hip start): Open/Close Book (finish):  Legs straight as possible, open up trying to get opposite shoulder to the ground.


Motivation To Get To The Gym

Motivation To Get To The Gym

So we all have wonderful excuses for why to NOT work out, but how about we try to give great reasons in why TO workout.

Here is a great way to not let yourself down and get your butt to the gym.

Take 8 post it notes and write on each one.
1. Love Burpees
2. I like to feel fit
3.  Nobody can hang with me today
4. Legs can never be strong enough
5. My push-ups could always be better
6. A good sweat in the morning means a brilliant decision during the day
7. My habits today translate to success later on.
8. Why not…..

Place them on the mirror, purse, closet, cupboard, refrig, etc.   and once you read one – get to As One!

Mark’s Take On This Week in The News

Mark’s Take On This Week in The News

The Ten Best Foods You Can Eat

(click above to read article)

Mark says:

“came across this article and found it simple and interesting.  For me, better eating habits come from a small group of favorites with the knowledge of what else is out there to try.  That being said, I’m not sure beed liver chili is on my menu plan just yet, but worth a try!”


No Space Needed Workout!

No Space Needed Workout!

You’re at work, or stuck inside in this inane weather and JUST. Want. To. Work. Out.  But, maybe you don’t have equipment, or space is an issue.  Not to worry, we have the workout for you!

Here is the quintessential no equipment, no space, i got to do something workout.

Three moves
Rower sit-ups

“Ladder Drill”
Burpee – 1
Rower sit-ups – 2
Squats – 3

First round do as above, second round double each number, third round triple each number, etc until you reach 10 Burpees, 20 sit-ups and 30 squats,  then reserve and work your way back down.  When done, shower, conquer the world.


Enjoy it!

Mark’s Take On This Week In The News

Mark’s Take On This Week In The News

Goodnight. Sleep Clean.

(Click above, read the article)

Mark’s says:

“Well, scientists are finding out what we all knew, we are getting less and less sleep and the effects can be severely detrimental.  The bright side is that the science community has a better understanding of how the brain works so that we can mitigate the effects – but nothing beats a good of sleep, nothing.  So, what grandma always said holds true, “eat right, stay active, and get a good night of sleep!”


As One Spotlight, Cliff

As One Spotlight, Cliff

How did you find as one?

Hilariously enough about a month before I met my fiancée, another girl I was dating introduced me to the class.  Fortunately for me she (the other girl) doesn’t come anymore

What do you like best about the program/as one?
That is a tough question… I like a lot of things and what I like changes over time and with my mood.  When I need motivation, I like the group setting.  When I want a challenge, I like how intense it is.  I also like how safe it is which is really important in the long term.

What are your fitness goals?
I want all the physiological benefits of good fitness (lower risk of disease, higher intelligence, slower aging, kinder/ more patient disposition).   

What is your favorite thing to eat after class?
Hahah… meat.. any kind will do last night was brisket the night before meatballs  they are awesome.   

What is your guilty food pleasure?

I ate some sugar cookies and Hershey’s kisses during Christmas… soooo good!

If you could have one celebrity join you in class, who would it be, and do you think they could handle it?

Abraham Lincoln… (was living required?).  Most people don’t think about him this way but his contemporaries thought he was hilarious to be around and unbelievably strong.  I think he’d fit in great… plus who wouldn’t want to meet Lincoln!  O, and I strongly suspect he’d be very good at it.

Give me one word to describe the burpee.



Mark’s Take On This Week In The News

Mark’s Take On This Week In The News

How Inactivity Changes the Brain

 (click above to read the article)

Mark says:

“More and more studies showing regular (intense like As One) exercise has far reaching physiological effects for the better, and inactivity has far reaching physiological effects for the worse!  The human body (this includes muscoloskelatal, cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems) always benefit from intense exercise – if there is a “magic bullet” for health – exercise it is!”


Monday Motivation; 20 Minute Workout

Monday Motivation; 20 Minute Workout

Some days you just can’t make it to As One, but that absolutely does not mean that you can’t do an As One workout.  If you only have twenty minutes to workout, do the deck of cards!  If you’re an As One regular, you know exactly what that is, but if not… prepare to have your mind blown!

To do the deck of cards workout, take a deck of cards, each suit equates to a type of workout move.  

  • CLUBS – Squats
  • SPADES – Push-ups
  • DIAMONDS – Rower Sit-ups
  • HEARTS – Burpees

The number on the card is how many reps you do of each exercise.  Face cards are 11 and Aces are 15.  So, for instance, if you get a 7 of Hearts you do 7 burpees. 

Flips and go!  Strength, endurance, cardio and metabolism in less than 20 minutes… and it’s FUN!

Make sure to tweet, instagram or Facebook us pics of you hitting this awesome workout.