Blog : Coaches' Daily Workout

Mark’s Daily Workout 12/10/18

1 arm swing with 48kg for 11 reps OTM with Pushups.

left arm swing for 11 reps OTM

right arm swing for 11 reps OTM

10 pushups OTM

repeated for 10 cycles, so 30 minutes.  This one usually leaves me tore up for a day or two after….

Mark’s Daily Workout 12/7/18

Row and Step Back Lunge to Press with KettleBell 24kg

Used a 30sec on/ 30 sec off format, so 30 Row at 1:40/500 pace, then rested 30 sec, then performed 6 stepbacks to press in 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds rest, I alternated this for 30 minutes.

Nice moderate conditioning program, great for when a lighter day is needed.

Mark’s Daily Workout 12/2/18

Pullups with 3 second hang on bottom ( 10 lbs around waist ) Ladder down from 10

6 Floors on Step Mill

It looks like this..

10 Pullups, 6 floors, 9 pullups, 6 floors, 8pullups and so on down to 1….

Mark’s Daily Workout 11/28/18

10 1 arm swings with 48kg bell and 6 pushups (with 35 lbs on back) OTM as such,

1st minute – 10 swings left

2nd minute – 10 swings right

3rd minute – 6 pushups

repeat for 10 rounds.

This is becoming a favorite, you think that there is plenty of rest but by the end you are really blowing!

Mark’s Daily Workout 11/26/18

Get ups and Pullups

I did 1 Get up with the 48kg bell and then 1 pullup with 25lbs around my waist (I hung for 15 seconds before doing the pullup) on the minute for 20 minutes, so 10 total get ups and 10 hang pullups.

My forearms were fried which really challenged the get ups, especially with that load!