Blog : Coaches' Daily Workout

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/26/18

Working towards the Sinister challenge from Strongfirst, so…

1 arm swings 8 reps OTM with 48kg Bell for 10 minutes

1/2 Get Up OTM with 48kg Bell for 10 minutes

Repeat sequence two more times for 60 minutes

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/25/18

Recovery Day

Step Mill Level 8 for 10 floors

Pushups with 25lb on back for 10 reps

Bicep Curls 40lb DB for 6 reps

Repeat for 10 rounds – effort and pace are managed to be steady and not demanding – great recovery day program.

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/24/18

Snatches and Presses

KB Snatch 8 reps OTM with 28kg bell for 20 minutes

1 Press and 4 Over Head Step Back Lunge OTM with 32 kg for 40 minutes.

Moving to 32 kg Snatch next week and backing reps down to 5 to start.  I’ll progress this until August 20th at which time I’ll switch training to focus on the Tactical Strength Challenge.

Press to Over Head Step Back Lunge is a great accessory to the Get up and really improves the economy and efficiency of standing up and getting down with the bell.

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/23/18

Whew…  Today is one of those days when, you just don’t have it, but…. you still got to do something, so

Deadlift – 380lbs 1 rep OTM for 8 minutes! Last week I did 375 lbs 1 rep OTM for 20 minutes – so clearly I am off today – but I did what I could and will come back at it next week.

Pullups – at this point I was mentally defeated so I did 4 pullups OTM for 10 minutes and called it good.  The positive for the workout was that my elbows felt fine on the pullups and I was pulling easily to my collarbone, strictly.

I shut it down after that, took a sauna and will hit tomorrow’s program with gusto.

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/20/18

My secondary goal for the year (behind defending my crown for the Tactical Strength Challenge) is to pass the Sinister requirements, which are 10 1 arm swings every 30 seconds for 5 mins (100 total) – rest 1 minute and then perform one get up OTM for 10 minutes.  This is all to be done with the 48kg bell.  So in preparation:

7 – 1 arm swings OTM with 48kg for 10 mins, followed by

1 – 1/2 Get Up OTM with 48kg for 10 mins.

Repeat sequence 2 more times for total of 60 minutes.  This format is working well, gives me a lot of time under the bell and is progressing nicely – not sure when to go for it but definitely before the end of the year.

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/18/18

Staying with the current program so back to:

2 Presses and 3 OverHead Step Back Lunge alternating sides OTM for 20 minutes, then

1 Press and 4 OHSBL alternating sides for 20 minutes.


Really like this day to bring up my presses and it helps to clean up the stand position in the Get Up….

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/17/18

Traveling still, but this time to a lacrosse clinic for my daughter which means a lot of sitting around.  So, I brought my 28kg bell and did KB Snatches.

7 snatches per side OTM for 20 minutes.

Rest 5 minutes

Repeat above.

280 reps – body was fine but my hands took a beating, but definitely getting stronger and better endurance.


Mark’s Daily Workout 7/16/18

Still traveling, but was able to find a gym that had some weights!

Deadlifts – 375lbs 1 Rep OTM for 20 minutes followed by,

Pullups – 4 reps OTM for 14 minutes and then 3 reps for the remaining 6 minutes.

Loads are moving up slowly in the deadlift, but progressing none the less and pullups are doing the same – the key to the pullups is to perform every rep EXACTLY the same.  The slightest cheat and it is the wrong stimulus for the body to hang on to and adapt.

Technique, Technique, Technique.