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Mark’s Daily Workout

Big day – deadlifts, pushups and intervals!!

Deadlifts – warmup, then 5 x 1 at 85% 1 RM (405 lbs ) on three minutes.  No belt and no straps – last one was tough but it went….

Pushups – 6 reps OTM for 20 minutes with 25lb plate on back.  Kept reps clean and sharp – I made 6 reps to 10 minute mark and then dropped to 5’s.  When I progress to all 20 minutes at 6 reps I’ll jump up to 35lbs and progress to 6 reps.   Once I make 20 minutes with the 35lb for 6 reps I will change out the routine.

Bike – .2 miles OTM for 20 minutes at 300 watts, so now I will jump up to 315 watts (5% increase) for .15 miles OTM for 20 minutes and try to build up to .2 miles at that wattage.  Once accomplished then the routine will be changed.

Overall, the program is working in that I am progressing, which means I am recovering well between each session and between lift days.  So, it looks that another 8-12 weeks on the current protocol will be manageable.  The proof will be in the pudding!

Mark’s Daily Workout 6/18/18

Working on conditioning for the Tactical Strength Challenge 5 minute snatch.

I did 2 minutes on / 4 minutes off times 5 with the 20kg KB at a pace of 29 snatches/minute – so I hit 58 snatches for each of the 2 minute segments.   It gets you blowing pretty hard but the 4 minute recovery brings you back pretty close to recovery for each one.  Goal come October will be to do 150 snatches, so I think I’m right on par.

Second half was on the Jacob’s Ladder:  50 ft OTM for 30 minutes at a Rate of 130 ft/min.  Great over all conditioner.


Mark’s Daily Workout

Happy Father’s Day to me!  I had the kids go over to the town’s new fitness trail that I designed for the town.  It is about a 1/3 of a mile around with 10 stations that utilize and train all the major muscle groups using basic moves that everyone has done at some point in their life.  We did two loops which ends up taking about 45 minutes.   Great way to train,you are outdoors, in fresh air and with your family.  When I got back I went into the garage and then did:

1 arm Kettlebell Press with 28kg bell – 3 reps OTM for 10 minutes  followed by,

1 arm Overhead Step Back Lunges with 4o kg bell – 2 reps OTM for 10 minutes.

this series was repeated 1 more time.

Finished with 30″ on / 30″ off of step mill level 14 for 20 minutes.


Press – 30 reps per arm

Lunges – 20 reps per leg

Steps – 63 floors

Mark’s Workout 6/15/18

Today’s focus is to develop 1 arm swing endurance and pullup endurance.  I used OTM to stimulate the mitochondrial quality/quantity as per Strong Endurance protocols.  In order to make the programming user friendly I broke the two moves into 10 minute series as such:

1 arm swings with 48kg – 5 reps OTM for 10 minutes.  Key to this is make moves sharp, powerful and dynamic.  This was followed by:

Pullups – 3 reps OTM for 10 minutes.  Again execution is everything.  Each rep is sharp, quick and high with a control descent.

This series was then repeated two more times  – total swings – 150 and total pullups 90.  But each rep was a direct replication of previous allowing for the highest state of absorption.

Mark’s Workout 6/14/18

Deadlift Day – 7 x 3 on three minutes with 80% 1RM (360 lbs) no belt, no straps

Pushups – 5 reps OTM for 20 minutes with 25lbs on back – worked for slow eccentric and sharp concentric.  Made all reps so progress to 30 lbs next time.

That’s it – deads always leave me drained, hard to finish with any “cardio” work.

Mark’s Workout 6/12/18

From all the years of training, the biggest change in training has not been strength – I’m actually the strongest in all lifts and the best conditioned I have been than in my whole life. BUT, where I have had to focus my efforts and knowledge at the age of 52 is in RECOVERY.  It just takes a long time to recover and life really impacts how fast I recover.  Get a couple of nights of less sleep and I may need a week for the aches, pains, muscle soreness, etc to dissipate before I return to training.  That happened this last weekend, after a great couple of days of training I woke up on Saturday and felt like a truck hit me.  The thing to remember is to listen to your body and give it a chance to return to “normal” before training intensely again.  Otherwise, you are pushing it past a point where injuries await.  So after three days of rolling and stretching I did the following:

Pullups – 5 x 3 reps with 45 lbs (performed dead hang to neck on bar with no kip or leg pump)

super-setted with

Overhead Step back Lunge – 5 x 5 per side with 40kg Bell over head ( working in this manner makes my Get Up more economical)

Finished with 20 minutes of 30″ on / 30″ off of Air Dyne averaging 300 watts per interval, this is my VO2 max wattage and just priming the system with out slipping into deep acidosis.

Mark’s Workout 6/8/18

Set clock up for 60 minutes with bell OTM,

Focused on Get ups, pushups, and Step Mill.

First 20 minutes worked on getting as many reps as possible of get ups with 100 lb dumbell – totat – 13

Second 20 minutes performed 5 reps of pushups with weight on back – 1 5 minutes used 35lbs, next 5 mins used 25lbs, next 10 mins used 10lbs. -Total reps 100.

Third 20 minutes I did 4 floors every minute for a total of 80 floors after 20 minutes.

Very manageable off day format, giving me enough stimulus to improve but not take away from focus days of deadlifts, snatches and pullups.

Mark’s Workout 6/6/18

Still playing with training volume and intensity so that I can keep my frequency as high as possible and still recover, so….

Todays focus on 1 arm swings with band attached ( work on overspeed and managing the eccentrics), 1 arm KB presses, and Jacob’s Ladder.

I set the clock up for OTM for total time of 60 minutes,

First 20 mins were 5 alternating 1 arm swings with 40kg bell and red band with as much power as possible – total 100 reps.

Second 20 mins were 6 alternating 1 arm presses with 24 kg with as much pop as possible – total 120 reps.

Third 20 mins were 60 ft on Ladder (which took 30 sec) every minute – total feet 1200.

Worked very well, felt manageable but still providing stimulus to adapt to….

Mark’s Workout 6/4/18

Still fighting off the after effects of the flu – but today I’m hitting on all cylinders….

Pullups – Muscular endurance work – so did 7 pullups every 3 minutes for 4 rounds, followed by:

KB Snatches – 15″ on / 15″ off for 10 minutes.  6 reps on each – 120 reps total – focused on sharp, powerful snap each rep.

Repeat each of the above for 1  more series.

Progression – add a 5th round of pullups, and then jump up to 28kg bell on next session.