Blog : Coaches' Daily Workout

Mark’s Daily Workout 10/17/18

Snatch Day – Competition is coming up

20 kg bell 130 reps in 4 minutes 40 seconds.  This was relatively easy – I was not left blowing at the end.  On the day of the competition my goal will be to get 141 reps or higher in the 5 minute time constraint.

Finished with
60 seconds on Jacobs Ladder

30 seconds of double KB Squat and Press with 20 Kg bells

20 rounds steady through for 30 minutes.

Mark’s Daily Workout 10/15/18

I needed an in between workout day so put together the following:

10 floors Step Mill @ levels 8-10

Pullups – 10 down to 1 strict with dead hang between reps

Pushup – 20 down to 2 at 2-0-2 tempo

10 rounds, so 10 floors, 10 pullups, 20 pushups, 10 floors, 9 pullups, 18 pushups, etc.

Mark’s Daily Workout 10/14/18

Traveled today for my son’s regatta so I brought the 40 kg bell with me and did…

20 1 arm swings (10 per side)

Get up 1 per side

for 10 rounds on 4 minutes.  Great program for traveling.

Mark’s Daily Workout 10/13/18

Conditioning Work today

Step Mill – 10 floors from Level 8-10

Step Back Lunge and Press – 5 reps each per side with 28kg or 32kg bell

10 rounds

I did not try to kill it but wanted to be done in no more than 40 minutes and achieved that easily.

Mark’s Daily Workout 10/12/18

Deadlifts – two weeks out from competition…

425 lbs 5 x 1 – all pulls without belt or grips and very happy with quality and speed of pulls.

I should be on track for a 460 Deadlift on the day.


100 feet on Jacob’s Ladder

10 Burpees

7 rounds

Mark’s Daily Workout 10/9/18

KB Snatches 20kg 130 reps in 5 minutes, nice moderate pace all the way through without throttling myself


Pushups 20,18,16,14…..2

Pullups 10,9,8,7…..1

6 floors Step Mill in between each group, so 20 pushups, 10 pullups 6 floors, 18 pushups, 9 pullups 6 floors etc.

Mark’s Daily Workout 10/7/18

Basic Training today – just trying to sweat….

250 meters Rower

5 KB Presses/5 KB Step Back Lunges with 28kg per side

10 rounds

Competition is coming up on the 27th – so maintaining strength and conditioning while trying to drop a few pounds to help out the pullups.  I feel right on track for these numbers:

465 lb Deadlift

20 pullups

141 20 kg snatches in 5 minutes


Mark’s Daily Workout 10/6/18

Still training at Gold’s, what a great environment – people are seriously training!

Deadlifts – 5 x 1 @ 420 lbs, all pulls  were solid and clean – very happy with progress.


Jacobs Ladder – 100 feet

burpees – 8

10 rounds

Mark’s Daily Workout 10/5/18

We traveled to LA for a wedding so the only place to train was at GOLD’S GYM VENICE BEACH!

Get ups with 48kg 5 x 1/1


5 floors step mill

8 pullups or 20 pushups (alternate rounds)

10 rounds