Blog : Coaches' Daily Workout

Mark’s Daily Workout 11/20/18

Snatches!  Super basic workout trying to develop my power endurance.

3 x 30 reps with 32kg bell with pace of 30 reps in a minute.  5 minutes rest between.

Seems easy, but oh no….

Mark’s Daily Workout 11/19/18

10 floors Step Mill Level 8

10 down to 1 Pullups with 7.5 lbs around my waste and a 2 second hang at bottom of each rep.

20 down to 2 Pushups ( dropping by 2 reps) with 20 lbs on back.

so 10 floors, 10 pullups, 20 pushups, 10 floors 9 pullups 18 pushups, etc all the way down.

I will add 2.5 lbs after each successful workout……

Mark’s Daily Workout 11/18/18

Deadlifts – 1 rep with 365lbs explosively

Ab Wheel – 1 rep with 25lbs on back

Both done OTM for 10 minutes.  Taking the load back down and will add 5 lbs after each successful workout – also of note, I’m training with a 1 inch deficit as well with the explosive pull.

Mark’s Daily Workout 11/14/18

1 Get Up with 48kg

1 15 second hang to 1 pullup with 25lbs around waist

Repeated 10 times….

Continuing to work toward the Sinister requirements while improving my pullups for the next Tactical Strength Challenge.