Coaches’ Daily Workout

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/18/18

Staying with the current program so back to:

2 Presses and 3 OverHead Step Back Lunge alternating sides OTM for 20 minutes, then

1 Press and 4 OHSBL alternating sides for 20 minutes.


Really like this day to bring up my presses and it helps to clean up the stand position in the Get Up….

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/17/18

Traveling still, but this time to a lacrosse clinic for my daughter which means a lot of sitting around.  So, I brought my 28kg bell and did KB Snatches.

7 snatches per side OTM for 20 minutes.

Rest 5 minutes

Repeat above.

280 reps – body was fine but my hands took a beating, but definitely getting stronger and better endurance.


Mark’s Daily Workout 7/16/18

Still traveling, but was able to find a gym that had some weights!

Deadlifts – 375lbs 1 Rep OTM for 20 minutes followed by,

Pullups – 4 reps OTM for 14 minutes and then 3 reps for the remaining 6 minutes.

Loads are moving up slowly in the deadlift, but progressing none the less and pullups are doing the same – the key to the pullups is to perform every rep EXACTLY the same.  The slightest cheat and it is the wrong stimulus for the body to hang on to and adapt.

Technique, Technique, Technique.


Mark’s Daily Workout 7/13/18

Traveling today so I looked up a gym at my destination that had kettlebells – benefits of the internet!

12 1 arm swings per side with 32kg OTM for 10 minutes

1 Get up per side with 32kg OTM for 10 minutes

Repeat each sequence 2 more time for 60 minutes.

Perfect for traveling….

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/11/18

Trying to whip my knee replacement leg back into shape so,,

1 Clean, 1 Press, 3 Over Head Step Back Lunges with 32 kg bell OTM for 40 minutes, alternating sides, then

Pushups 8 reps OTM for 20 minutes, slow and clean…..

Mentally an easy one to do, I like this one a lot!!


Mark’s Daily Workout 7/9/18

Deadlift, Pullup and Snatch Day –

Deadlift – 370 lbs 1 rep OTM for 20 minutes

Pullups – 4 reps OTM for 20 minutes ( dropped to 3 reps after 12th minute, the deadlifts took some snap out of my arms….)

KB Snatch – 28 kg 7 reps OTM for 20 minutes alternating arms


I will increase the deads to 375, keep plugging on pullups, and increase snatches to 8 reps next week…..

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/7/18

Still out of town – so back at the local track with the bells.

Kept it simple but moving

2 hand swing with 40kg bell for 15 reps

15 pushups

Step back lunge 28kg 4 per side

Press 28kg 3 per side

Repeat this sequence for 60 minutes, each exercise starting OTM – so totals:

225 swings

225 pushups

120 Lunges

90 presses

Enjoyed this one, difficult but completely doable.

Mark’s Daily Training 7/5/18

Out of town, so went to the local track and brought my bells with me:

Started with:

1 arm swings – 40kg 10 reps OTM for 10 minutes

Pushups – 10 reps OTM for 10 minutes

Stepback Lunge – 40kg for 3 reps OTM for 10 minutes

Repeat sequence one more time


So switching up in this 8 week block – I will focus on training only three days per week following the format of the last month.

This day will feature: Deadlifts, Pullups, and KB Presses

Deadlifts – 1 rep OTM with 80% 1 RM ( used 365 lbs ) for 10 minutes, followed by

Pullups – 4 reps OTM strict tactical pullup for 10 minutes, followed by

KB Presses – 5 reps alternating sides OTM with 28kg bell

Repeat sequence again


Deadlifts – 20 reps with 365lbs – will progress to 370 lbs next go

Pullups – 80 reps, will begin with 5 reps for a few rounds next time

Presses – 50 reps per arm and will begin with 6 reps for  a few rounds next time.