Mark’s Daily Workout 6/26/18

Mark’s Daily Workout 6/26/18

Ready to hit it today:

I have been having elbow pain at the tricep insertion from pullups.  This is due to lack of mobility in elbow joint (I have been working on it for years, and it appears to be just my set up) and performing tactical pullups which require the elbow joint to close significantly.  So, I decided to play around with hand width and see if I can take some stress out of the joint.  My original width from thumb to thumb was 20 inches, so I moved my hands out to 24 inches and did the following workout.

Pullups – BW 4 reps OTM for 10 minutes – dead hang to throat on bar

40 kg KB Over Head Step Back Lunge 3 reps OTM for 10 minutes alternating sides

28kg KB snatches 6 reps OTM for 10 minutes alternating sides

Repeat that sequence one more time for 60 minutes of work.  Good workout….

So, pullups with wider grip reduced the sensations in the elbow and it was no problem getting neck to bar with wider grip – so I think it is a keeper!


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