Mark’s Daily Workout 6/27/18

Mark’s Daily Workout 6/27/18

I had some more than normal residual fatigue and aches from yesterday’s workout and was hesitant for today’s plan.  But, I was able to roll and stretch and bring out the voodoo wrap and I could feel my body snap back.  So,

Deadlifts – 85% 1 RM (405lbs) for 5 x 1 on three minutes.  Followed by,

20 minutes on Jacobs Ladder, done 60 feet OTM at a rate of 130 ft/min.  1200 total feet.

The Deadlifts were done without belt and straps and all 5 sets pulled with some sharpness – a big change over last week.  So, now I will go back to 5 x 5 at 72.5% of 1 RM (450lbs)  and follow the same build up.  two weeks at that rep/set scheme, then two weeks at 77.5% for 6×4, then two weeks at 82.5% for 7×3, then two weeks at 87.5% at 5 x 1 all done on three minutes.


I just rechecked the math, and realize I did my 5 x 1 at 90% of 1 RM!!  Well, good news is I made the weight, so lets hope I didn’t over cook the CNS…..  We shall see.

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