Mark’s Daily Workout 7/20/18

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/20/18

My secondary goal for the year (behind defending my crown for the Tactical Strength Challenge) is to pass the Sinister requirements, which are 10 1 arm swings every 30 seconds for 5 mins (100 total) – rest 1 minute and then perform one get up OTM for 10 minutes.  This is all to be done with the 48kg bell.  So in preparation:

7 – 1 arm swings OTM with 48kg for 10 mins, followed by

1 – 1/2 Get Up OTM with 48kg for 10 mins.

Repeat sequence 2 more times for total of 60 minutes.  This format is working well, gives me a lot of time under the bell and is progressing nicely – not sure when to go for it but definitely before the end of the year.

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