Mark’s Daily Workout 7/23/18

Mark’s Daily Workout 7/23/18

Whew…  Today is one of those days when, you just don’t have it, but…. you still got to do something, so

Deadlift – 380lbs 1 rep OTM for 8 minutes! Last week I did 375 lbs 1 rep OTM for 20 minutes – so clearly I am off today – but I did what I could and will come back at it next week.

Pullups – at this point I was mentally defeated so I did 4 pullups OTM for 10 minutes and called it good.  The positive for the workout was that my elbows felt fine on the pullups and I was pulling easily to my collarbone, strictly.

I shut it down after that, took a sauna and will hit tomorrow’s program with gusto.

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