Mark’s Workout 5/18/18

Mark’s Workout 5/18/18

Traveling to Chicago and found a fantastic gym – Rosemont Health and Fitness.  They had EVERYTHING and it was vacant!  So I was able to do the following:

Strength Development – Pullups

5 x 12,9,6,3,2 on 4 minutes with BW, 5lbs, 15lbs, 35lbs, and 45lbs respectively.  All set are from dead hang to jawline over bar.

1 arm swing 40 kg bell/ kb press 24 kg bell – 15 secs on / 15 secs off for 20 minutes.  Done as follows – 10 reps of 1 arm swing, rest 15secs, 5 reps of press, rest 15 secs alternating sides for the 20 minutes.

AirDyne – 10 minutes of 45 secs on/ 15 secs off – holding pace throughout at or around VO2 Max.


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