Mark’s Workout 6/12/18

Mark’s Workout 6/12/18

From all the years of training, the biggest change in training has not been strength – I’m actually the strongest in all lifts and the best conditioned I have been than in my whole life. BUT, where I have had to focus my efforts and knowledge at the age of 52 is in RECOVERY.  It just takes a long time to recover and life really impacts how fast I recover.  Get a couple of nights of less sleep and I may need a week for the aches, pains, muscle soreness, etc to dissipate before I return to training.  That happened this last weekend, after a great couple of days of training I woke up on Saturday and felt like a truck hit me.  The thing to remember is to listen to your body and give it a chance to return to “normal” before training intensely again.  Otherwise, you are pushing it past a point where injuries await.  So after three days of rolling and stretching I did the following:

Pullups – 5 x 3 reps with 45 lbs (performed dead hang to neck on bar with no kip or leg pump)

super-setted with

Overhead Step back Lunge – 5 x 5 per side with 40kg Bell over head ( working in this manner makes my Get Up more economical)

Finished with 20 minutes of 30″ on / 30″ off of Air Dyne averaging 300 watts per interval, this is my VO2 max wattage and just priming the system with out slipping into deep acidosis.

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