Mark’s Workout 6/6/18

Mark’s Workout 6/6/18

Still playing with training volume and intensity so that I can keep my frequency as high as possible and still recover, so….

Todays focus on 1 arm swings with band attached ( work on overspeed and managing the eccentrics), 1 arm KB presses, and Jacob’s Ladder.

I set the clock up for OTM for total time of 60 minutes,

First 20 mins were 5 alternating 1 arm swings with 40kg bell and red band with as much power as possible – total 100 reps.

Second 20 mins were 6 alternating 1 arm presses with 24 kg with as much pop as possible – total 120 reps.

Third 20 mins were 60 ft on Ladder (which took 30 sec) every minute – total feet 1200.

Worked very well, felt manageable but still providing stimulus to adapt to….

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