Mark’s Workout 6/8/18

Mark’s Workout 6/8/18

Set clock up for 60 minutes with bell OTM,

Focused on Get ups, pushups, and Step Mill.

First 20 minutes worked on getting as many reps as possible of get ups with 100 lb dumbell – totat – 13

Second 20 minutes performed 5 reps of pushups with weight on back – 1 5 minutes used 35lbs, next 5 mins used 25lbs, next 10 mins used 10lbs. -Total reps 100.

Third 20 minutes I did 4 floors every minute for a total of 80 floors after 20 minutes.

Very manageable off day format, giving me enough stimulus to improve but not take away from focus days of deadlifts, snatches and pullups.

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