May 23rd Mark’s Workout

May 23rd Mark’s Workout

Continuing the progression on my Deadlifts, at 52 the weight moves up very slowly, and it is a balancing act between proper amount of training to stimulate the movement of the weight up and recovery!

so today:

6×4 reps at 75% 1 RM on 3 minutes – followed by 3 reps at 102% 1 RM with weights lifted 8 inches from floor.  So, loads were 340lbs and 450lbs respectively.

4 x 4 reps per side of Getups with 100 lb dumbell – plenty of rest and focusing on long reps to refine and perfect motion and to improve shoulder stabilization endurance.  The dumbell provides great instability improving movement precision and shoulder stabilizer strength.

Doesn’t seem that bad when I write it down, but feel wore out……

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