Health and Vitality or Body Conscience? Modern Society and the Fitness Industry Are Missing the Point.

Health and Vitality or Body Conscience? Modern Society and the Fitness Industry Are Missing the Point.

With the amount of emphasis in our society placed on exercise, nutrition, fashion and anything to do with looks – you would think that we would be the  “healthiest” age of the whole human existence.  How far from the truth could that be. 


We have an increasing obesity rate, pharmaceutical sales in the billions, youth who are incapable of basic human movements and in those that do exercise and watch what they eat are primarily motivated by a body ideal that is unattainable.


The reason we exercise (along with getting enough sleep and eating with proper nutrition) is to be healthy.


 Hmm, what is healthy?  Well, keeping the body strong so that we can enjoy an active life, stave off the onset of diseases which dramatically impact the quality of life as we age, and to interact with our environment and people around us – is a good start.


Does our modern society and fitness industry support this definition?  No, they do not:


First, accessibility – we can get anything we want at the push of a button.  Gone is the challenge to do anything, therefore, why do we even have to move?


Second, abundance – hungry or think your hungry?  Grab what your heart desires on every street corner.


Third, exercise – here we go, our industry doesn’t sell training, it sells sex with pictures everywhere of individuals who are shown half naked with a body that is not attainable by 99% of the population.  If it is attainable, it can only be held for two weeks max, and then they tell you its possible by not working hard and doing exercises and classes that do little or nothing to improve health let alone increase metabolism or fitness.  We need a serious reboot. 


We exercise, eat right and get the sleep we need to be healthy and vital for as many years as possible!  You do not want to take meds to counteract poor health markers or to improve mental and psychological well-being.  You do not want to carry 30 lbs or more of extra fat, and you most certainly do not want to be consumed every waking minute about how you look!!


This does take effort and discipline, but doesn’t everything??!!  We built As One with this in mind.  Healthy bodies and minds working together to get it done and enjoying every lung busting step on the way.  And when all the others have moved on, we will still be cranking it out the right way.

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