Why We Do What We Do?

Why We Do What We Do?

After getting a “report” from one of our clients about another studio and their level

of ineffectiveness, my typical reaction is one of disgust by which then fuels a rant

that many find humorous. But as I have grown softer and more reflective in my

years, I have chosen a different path.

Instead of pointing out the miss dealings of our industry and the wayward paths of

our competitors, I would like to just tell you what we do.

We train.

We plan an approach that when applied with the requisite intensity AND frequency

will improve your fitness level, without a doubt. More likely, you will get into the

best shape of your life. We are very clear about what is expected, and the

consequences of not applying yourself to the program.

We are safe.

We do the basic movement patterns, period. We are not in the entertainment

business. Even a simple bicep curl, when done with the weights, reps and form I

have seen and heard about can cause injury, so the more complex the movement,

the longer the learning curve and time needed to gain mastery. So prescribing,

jumps and highly technical moves WILL result in injury for the general population.

If someone says it is boring, I like to remind them that only boring people find life to

be boring.

We are hard.

Yes, it is hard – because that is what the body and mind need to adapt. Suck it up,


We will get you fit.

Without a doubt, and on that journey you will learn something about yourself that

no one can teach you. You will battle your demons, and place those demons on

people outside of you – until you have finally pushed through to the other side and

realize that the only one getting in your way is you. It is an amazing thing to watch

people go through that and reach a level of acceptance – and right at that moment

you see their fitness rise – powerful stuff. Because, in order to get fit, you have to be

willing to confront all of those voices telling you otherwise, quiet them and then

SQUAT them. Because you can’t be fit if you don’t squat!

We will not lie to you.

Truth is refreshing, it can suck also, it all depends on perspective. We will give you

the real answer, usually not the one you want to hear, but the real answer. We do

not buy into the notion of “that is good enough” – that is a 21 st century cop out. I

punish myself with extra of something if I ever utter those words.

Example, I was mowing my yard and did a section too fast so that the grass was

uneven. I looked over it and said “ ah, that is good enough” – I then said an expletive

and mowed it again. So, in class if you say to yourself “that effort was good enough,

at least I’m here”, crush your next interval – and likewise if you ask me how was my

effort – I will say it is a good start, but it could be better!

We keep it simple, but effective – operative word, effective!

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