Why We Love: The Step Mill

Why We Love: The Step Mill

Why We Love: The Step Mill

Step Mill: A Love Story. 

By Mark Merchant – Coach, Poet, and Stair Climbing Advocate

Great piece of equipment – nothing is better at improving cardiovascular, cardio

respitory and local muscular endurance than climbing stairs and this piece of

equipment gets all the good (going up} with out the bad (going down can be

troublesome to the knees).

That is why we have them in the studio!!

But the equipment will not make you fit on its own, you have to use it correctly!!

The reason stairs are so effective is that you must lift your body weight up,

repeatedly. When you have large muscle groups working at a high rate and load, the

demand on your physiology to do the work is tremendous and therefore demands


But the demand sorta kinda sucks, so there can be a tendency to grab on to the hand

rails, but in so doing you are diminishing your effort. Here is why:

When you place your hands on the rails you will reduce your bodyweight and

therefore the weight that you are lifting by 10-30% (we tested it!). Now by

decreasing the load your legs need to lift, you go faster, but faster is not better in this

instance. All going faster does is raise your heart rate, which is not a bad thing, but

we want bang for the buck and carryover. Holding on does not prepare you to deal

with the effects of gravity, otherwords, dealing with your weight. If you go hiking,

stairclimbing, anything where you are going up – you will have done a great

disservice to your preparation, because your legs will be weak relative to your

weight and you will be sucking wind far sooner than you would have expected, then

getting upset that you are struggling thinking that you have been training really

hard and questioning your fitness.


So, get your hands off the rails, slow it down and develop strong legs, enduring lungs

and heighten resolve!!


Come find out why we love the Step Mill and all the other equipment that we utilize in every workout. Come alone or bring a friend – your first class is free

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