You Know What, a Goal is Important….

You Know What, a Goal is Important….

Right now you are saying, duh Mark – we know that.  Yes, I’m sure you do but even the doctor needs reminding to eat his apple every once and a while.


I just had this epiphany (for the 1000th time in my life) about giving yourself a goal to focus and reinvigorate your training and fitness pursuits.  I spent the last three months kind of preparing for an event and had pretty good success with the outcome, and at the end of it I found myself once again saying – “ you know, if you would have focused harder on your training – you could have done even better.”  You don’t know how many events I have done and said the same thing!


Let’s take a look at what a goal or goal event will do for you:


  • Gets you excited! – As soon as you sign up for something you are all jazzed about it, talk to everyone about it, and immediately start planning to prepare for it like an Olympic athlete.


  • Focuses training – At least once, look on youtube, or google to see either the event or what people have done to prepare for the event.


  • Seek out more information on how to appropriately prepare for the event. Talk to people in the know (As One) and past participants on their thoughts and experiences to help you take away the unknown.


  • Try your best to do it in a group – Obligation to the group is a fantastic motivator, and makes the prep work even more fun.


What are your choices for events?


Events can be self- made or organized and there are plenty of options out there. 


Here is a quick list:

  1. Hike somewhere interesting and challenging
  2. Sign up for a bike ride
  3. Run a race
  4. Sign up for an obstacle course race
  5. Sign up for a triathlon
  6. Paddle Board Race
  7. Pick a day and create a challenge workout
  8. Do an unassisted pullup
  9. Do an As One workout as prescribed


This is just a beginning list, really it could be anything you come up with that will require you to focus and prepare.  Goal Setting

One more point, the reason I have not listed aesthetic goals is that they never seem to work in the long run.  Certainly losing weight (if you are overweight, not because you want to chase the elusive six pack) is important for health reasons and also for performance, but as the primary focus, it is easily derailed because losing weight as a goal can be frustrating and disheartening.  Losing weight should be a secondary goal to an actual event or counter-acting a health issue.


So, I encourage you to find something fun and interesting, schedule it and then prepare for it at the best of your ability.  It will breathe new life and vigor into your training regime and open you up to new possibilities!!


Let us know and we can help!



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